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Developer Empowered Operations

"We Build it, we deploy it, we manage and maintain high availability & quality of service in production."

Stages of Maturity:


Many of the benefits from foundational practices helped with raising our maturity level.

Normalize the deployment technology around the same stack

1) Moving CoreSample Deployment from AWS CodeDeploy to Bitbucket, to normalize around Pipelines.

2) Used AWS CloudFormer, to build CloudFormation Automation scripts to use across four different migration projects:
  • The same Core CloudFormation was used to migrate us-east-2 -> us-east-1
  • Moved AWS NonProd to Prod, deployed new Infrastructure in new VPC CIDR block.
  • Developed new infrastructure for Agriness in Brazil

3) Worked closelyto normalize the egress VPN controls for AWS

4) Normalized around Git Flow branching

5) Centalized Logging to push into Elastic Search, and Kibana.

Application Deployment Code with Application Version Control

Test Infrastructure Changes before Deployment: CIS Image Lesson

Make source code Available to other team members: Agriness